Hans Auschner

Bruno Noth

Hans Auschner Gerhard Dümmler and Johannes Kuschidlo below a JU 88 . But we are not able to assign the names to the persons. The photo has been taken in June/July 1943 in Nantes by the Wekusta 2 Ob.d.L. This is verified by the yellow neckerchiefs of the crew.
Left: Bruno Noth (center) at Nantes airfield about six weeks before his death
Left: Reg.-Rat Bruno Noth (left) and Oberst Alf Gieße (right). reason unknown; perhaps award EK-I to Reg.-Rat Noth 1943 at Nantes.
Above: middle left: RR Bruno Noth together with his fiancé in a chalet in the Alps.
Above: right: RR Bruno Noth in front of a chalet in the Alps.
Members of the Wekusta 2 Ob.d.L. in Nantes give OLT Kopper an official farewell. f.l.t.r.: Goebel, Obermeier, Plötz, Küspert, Noth, Bibel, Schulze, Kopper, Alf Gieße.

Same event as left, perhaps end of June 1943. f.l.t.r.: 1st line: Obermeier, Küspert, Noth, Bibel. 2nd line: Göbel, Plötz.

Hans Auschner, a young pilot around 1941/1942.
Hans Auschner, just appointed Uffz (NCO) 1942/1943.
„1940, München Flugtechnische Schule“
„1940, München“ Probably Flugtechnische Schule.
„"Devoted to my dear little sister, in May 1942"“
Hans Auschner. „Finsterwalde“
Hans Auschner Christmas 1942/1943.
Hans Auschner on his training plane in 1941.
On June, 6th, 2012, Pierre Babin, Nantes (historican and author) wrote: "I was able to identify the officer (2nd from left) wearing a cap. This is second lieutenant Georg Obermeier. The three other men are H. Auschner, G. D�mmler and J. Kuschidlo (from left to right)."
Wekusta 2 in Nantes celebrates the 4000th weather sortie in 1943. Crew members sitting in a JU 88�s rescue rubber dinghy. Background display: „Atlantic swimming certificate.“.

1st from the right: Hans Auschner. Apparently back from the 1000th weather reconnaissance flight of his unit on the airfield of Nantes. Meteorological officer is signing the report. Perhaps this is Hans Auschner himself. Text on the reverse side of the original photo: „1000th sortie“ apparently Hans Auschner and his crew made this special sortie of the unit - by pure chance or intentionally rewarding the good team performance.